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DOCTORS in India were shocked to remove a tapeworm measuring more than 6 feet through a patient’s mouth, according to a report published in the New England Journal of Medicine. After complaining about intolerable abdominal pain, the 48-year-old man visited the doctor, where part of the worm was discovered during a colonoscopy. The attending doctor Cyriac Philips wrote, “It was an undulating, moving piece of the worm. This worm segment was confirmation that there was a tapeworm infestation in this patient.” If that’s not graphic enough to make you gag, read on. Following the initial discovery, the doctors confirmed the severity of the infection with an endoscopy, inserting a camera into the patient’s throat to view the intestine. The team were then able to view images of the parasite. After sedating the man, the team were able to begin the extraction process by pulling it out through his mouth with a pair of forceps. “We had absolutely no idea regarding the length of this worm,” Phillips said. “It kept on coming. “We pulled at it softly and steadily, and ultimately the job was done after maybe around 1 hour and 15 minutes. I have never seen a tapeworm this long.” When removed, the worm measured 1.9 metres and was classified as a pork tapeworm. If you want to avoid getting one, be sure to cook your pork properly and don’t eat at restaurants with shitty sanitation practices. 

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