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Horrifying moment small boy on trip to Indian zoo is attacked and seriously hurt by furious monkey

In a terrifying attack, a macaque attacked a small boy at an Indian zoo, knocking him to the ground

 The boy was assaulted by a macaque at a zoo in Ratlam, Madhya Pradesh
His father and a zookeeper fought to tear monkey off the child's back
An irate monkey attacked a small boy during a trip to a zoo while the child's father and a zookeeper fought to prise them apart.
The boy - named locally as Raghav - was seriously hurt at an animal centre in Ratlam, Madhya Pradesh, India.
Pictures taken by a bystander show the child pinned to the floor by the primate with blood on his hands and face.

 The boy's face is seen contorted with pain as his father and a keeper from the zoo in Ratlam, Madhya Pradesh, rush to his aid

 The boy, named locally as Raghav, was pinned to the floor by the macaque, which clung to his back while Raghav's father tried to rescue his son

The macaque can be seen clinging to Raghav's back as his father ran to his rescue.
The boy's father is shown grappling with the monkey as his son writhed in pain on the floor.

 A zookeeper, alerted by the commotion, armed himself with a yellow stick and attempts to strike the monkey - delivering several blows.
Eventually the boy was separated from the clutches of the monkey, with the primate sprinting off still scowling and baring its teeth.

The boy is said to have received severe injuries, according to local reports - but his current condition is not known.
The attack comes weeks after a bear was videoed attacking a man in the Krishnagiri district in Tamil Nadu, India, after he had helped rescue it from a well.
Large parts of India are plagued by monkeys who steal food, mug people and break into homes.
It has resulted in monkey-catchers being employed to help keep them in check.

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