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Terrifying moment stunt men in town for Comic-Con save woman in the seconds before she jumps from a balcony

 Three 'Kick-Ass 2' stunt men at Comic-Con rescued a woman dangling from a San Diego high-rise.
The drunk woman was threatening to jump.
The trio were across the street when they saw her.
They snuck up behind her, grabbed her in a bear hug and pulled her away from the edge.

It looked like a scene from a superhero movie.
Three professional stunt men put their skills to good use by stopping a drunk and heartbroken woman from jumping off the 14th-floor balcony of a Californian apartment complex on Thursday. 
The 'Kick-Ass 2' stunt men, in San Diego for Comic-Con, were putting up scaffolding for a movie premiere party on Eighth Avenue when they saw the woman hanging from the edge of The Mark condominium building balcony opposite them. 

As witnesses below yelled out to the woman not to jump, the experienced stunt men sprang into action.
Stunt 911's Gregg Sergeant, Scott Schecter and Amos Carver ran to the building, scaled a fence and alerted a security guard who took them upstairs, 23ABC News reported. 
'[We] burst into the room and she was on the patio. She'd even closed the door so we couldn't get to her,' Sergeant, owner and stunt coordinator for Los Angeles-based Stunts 911 - Action Sequence Technologies, said.

Without her noticing, Sergeant crept up behind the unidentified woman and locked her in a bear hug.
Schecter and Carver, who was wearing scaffolding rigging, rushed in behind him.
'I hooked my arms underneath her leg and we pulled her back in and carried her into the room and laid her on the couch, and she was very upset,' Schecter told 23ABC News.
Carver threw the rigging around the woman and helped to hoist her over the ledge to safety.

Sergeant said he and his crew arrived just in time.
'I was just so thankful we got there when we got there,' he said.
'I think if we'd been there two seconds later, she would've been gone.'
The stunt man said he and his crew did not see themselves as heroes.
'It’s what we do every day for stunts. It happened so fast and we just responded,' he
told U-T San Diego.
'When police came, we left. Everybody’s OK - that’s the important thing.'

San Diego police Lieutenant Kevin Mayer said the woman was devastated over the breakup of a relationship and had been drinking alone in the apartment.
He said officers found a shattered bottle of vodka on the ground beneath her balcony and she was taken to a hospital for a mental evaluation.
Mayer commended the stunt crew's quick thinking.
'They were the perfect guys to be there at that time,' he told U-T San Diego.
'It was very dangerous. I’ve seen attempted suicides when someone grabs them and is pulled over.'
The stunt team crew was rigging stunts for a private party for Universal Pictures, Playboy Enterprises and 'Kick-Ass 2' celebrities, including actor Jim Carrey.

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