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Old shipping containers 'home' to China's poor

For $80 a month, shipping containers are available for rental to poor households in Shanghai
In the glitzy Chinese port city of Shanghai, home for some poor families is, well, a shipping container. The containers, which provide shelter for households which cannot afford proper housing, are each leased out at 500 yuan (USD80) per month. Even though these people have shelter and fare better than those without, there is still no proper insulation against the cold in winter months.

Lighting conditions are poor, and families have to rely on artificial light when inside the containers because of the lack of windows cut into the containers.

Some families try to build a semblance of a home by tiling their 'front yard', adding steps and erecting dividers as fences. They also ingeniously add transparent sliding doors to let natural light in during the day while maintaining some privacy.
Mother and son share a quick meal outside the shipping containers. The painted red sign reads 'scrap metal recovery'.

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