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Plane misses runway in Bali & lands in sea

 A passenger aircraft has overshot a runway on the main island of Bali and landed in the sea. All of the passengers and crew survived the accident and are safe, although some injuries are reported. The plane belonged to Indonesia's LionAir, and was coming into land at the international airport in Bali's provincial city of Denpasar. All 101 passengers and seven crew members were safely rescued and around 45 people were taken to three different hospitals with various injuries, said airport spokesman Alfasyah, who like many Indonesians uses only one name. There were only three foreigners on board - two Singaporeans and a French national. All three suffered slight injuries.

The Transportation Ministry's director general of aviation, Harry Bakti Gumay, said the plane overshot the runway and fell into the sea from a height of about 55 yards. The cause of the accident was unclear, and Gumay said an investigation was under way

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