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Huawei's new P40 smart phone will be made of ceramic and glass and have SEVEN cameras

The device will have five cameras in a rear array and two front-facing On the back, the sensors will be housed in a large camera bump, leaks reveal Huawei's P40 doesn't have a release date yet but may be unveiled soon

may come equipped with a whopping seven cameras according to new leaks.Huawei's next flagship will take some cues from competitors like Samsung and go all-in on a rear-facing camera array with five optical sensors.

The array, which lives inside a large camera bump on the back of the phone, will have a host of different sensors all with different capabilities, including a telephoto lens, and an ultrawide lens. The camera arrays specs should equate to a 13x optical zoom, aided in part by software

The phone's last two cameras will be housed in the front of the device. Renderings show them as two hole-punch style selfie cameras centered up top.

Aside from a cutout where those two sensors are housed, the display will essentially be one bezel-less screen.

There are buttons to adjust volume on the side and power the device on and off and no physical headphone hack. It also appears that the phone will use USB-C for charging.

Also says that the device will use ceramic in the P40 though it's not immediately clear what the proportions of glass to ceramic will be.

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