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DRAGON FLY - A documentary by Jordin Mathew -തുമ്പി ക്യാമറയെടുപ്പിച്ച ഫോട്ടോഗ്രാഫര്‍......

Dragonflies- A small creature which gives us sizzling visuals whenever we look at them .May be this will be the 0nly knowledge that all of us are acquainted about dragonflies. Especially for Keralites , their childhood memories can never be spared without the presence of dragonflies. Rather than watching simply, how many of us carefully observed this creature. Do anybody know how many eyes does a dragonfly have? Do anybody have an idea about the life expectancy of dragonflies? Do anybody know the dragonflies are migrating creatures which travels more than 10000 creatures according to the seasonal changes? Here is the documentary – “DRAGON FLY” which explains all such details about dragonflies. This documentary covers the life cycle of dragonflies , such as meeting, breeding, eating etc. More than just a visual beauty, this documentary covers informative facts which every humans should basically acquainted of. Almost all the shots of dragonflies in this documentary are shot using canon 550D and 18-135mm reverse lens method. It took three years to complete this documentary since I had to challenge contextual and financial constrains many times. I will find I am success if anyone has acquired some new information or remembered those things they had forgotten about dragonflies , And finally ‘my inhibitions are my documentary’

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