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The superpod strikes again: Video of the incredible moment THOUSANDS of dolphins race a tourist boat in Costa Rica

 Never-before-seen footage of the superpod filmed by a lucky tourist Between 3,000- 5000 dolphins belong to the pod on the Costa Rican coast Leaping out of the water, the creatures swim on both sides of the boat

A superpod of thousands of dolphins has been captured on film in stunning new footage, off the coast of Costa Rica.
Tourists were treated to a rare display of epic proportions, when the superpod, who have been spotted by lucky holidaymakers in the past, race their boat.
In the video filmed by Orlando Marin, the dolphins are seen leaping out of the water on both sides of the boat and underneath it, splashing around in the horizon as far as the eye can see.
Unable to contain their euphoria at the incredible spectacle, the whooping of fellow passengers on the boat is also captured on the film. The superpod of Bottlenose dolphins is thought to include anywhere from 3,000-5,000 creatures. A Costa Rican tourist attraction, the creatures starred in a natural history documentary Dolphins - Spy in the Pod, last year. In the documentary, professional filmmakers installed their cameras aboard robot tunas, turtles and squids. By disguising cameras in the natural marine habitat, the resulting footage revealed how the large community make daily visits to a 'spa' to remove dead skin on an outcrop of coral reef.

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