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Beautiful Svaneti - Russia

 Blogger mg5642 has shared the best pictures of a trip to beautiful Svaneti, the mountainous paradise of Georgia. The main places he visited were Adishi and Ushguli villages full of interesting architecture. You can imagine how nice it is to be there, on a green valley neighbouring huge glaciers, how clean that air is, 
 One of towers in Adishi, this one is at least 500 years old!

 Two or three hours later we come to the gorgeous glacier Lardaad.
 "Ant piles" and an ice mass in the background.
 Lyahnash glacier with a waterfall beneath.

 Elevation of those peaks reaches three kilometers!

 The field of elecampanes.
 The travelers can stay overnight here.
 The next destination of the trip is Inguri valley.
 The height of this mountain named Shkhara is 5203 m.
 It's a real winter out there on the heights but beneath the mountain we still enjoy summer.

 Skhara mountain.

 Looks like a huge natural carpet!

 Mountain ranges of Svaneti.
 We have finally come down to Ushguri to see the eleventh century tower.
Ushguli is considered to be the highest settlement in the mountains in all Europe (2200 m). The place attracts many tourists.

 Ushguli towers
 Ushguli is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

 There is a historic museum inside this tower.

 Ushba - 4710 m. This mountain is considered to be one of the most difficult for climbing.
 Mestia settlement.
 In a local ethnographic museum: the Bible from the fourteenth century made from gold and gemstones.

 Mikhail Hergiani was the man who managed to climb Ushba. There is a museum here dedicated to him.
 Some pictures of the exposition

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