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Coco snaps selfies in leopard print G-string bikini while on vacation with husband Ice-T in Barbados

 Perhaps she was just photographing the beautiful scenery.
But considering her penchant for flaunting what she's got, it was more likely that Coco Austin was stealing a moment to snap a selfie while at Sandy Lane Beach in Barbados on Sunday.
The 35-year-old put on an eye-popping display in a leopard print G-string bikini while on vacation with her husband, rapper Ice-T.

 She paraded her famous assets as she frolicked about, twirling on the sand with a leopard print sarong that matched the sash in her hair.
Coco also lay out on a lawn chair as her 56-year-old hubby spread sunscreen on her back.
And she cooled off in the water, laying stomach down on a white floatation device.

 The voluptuous blonde had made an effort to beautify herself before the trip, as she shared a picture of her perfectly coiffed locks with the caption:
'Thanks @blusalon for getting my hair right before I go on vacation.I feel like a glamour girl!... Tina did an amazing job with color & a great blow dry.. and Lisa got me bikini ready with her Brazilian wax (sic)'.
It is likely that she will be practising her tricks for how to keep the fire alive with her husband of 13 years, while on their romantic getaway.

 'People, when they've been together for so long, they fall out of what was hot when they first got together,' Coco recently said.
'So what we like to do is dress up for each other - whatever he wants to see me in, whatever I want to see him in - and we go out to dinner, we'll go to a movie or we'll go to a club.
'I think people should continue, no matter how long they've been together, to set around one day of the week and do something sexy for each other just one-on-one.'

 As for what she does: ‘I'll change into something sexy that he likes, whether that be booty shorts
or a pair of boots, and I'll make it all about him and I'll do my little sexy moves.
'Sometimes he likes to use a camera because he likes photography, so he'll take pictures of me
and we'll incorporate that into our sexy sessions.'
Coco added: 'I know he loves shoes, he loves heels on me. I usually keep a pair of heels on the side of the bed, so I can just pop 'em on.’

 The glamour model recently admitted that her husband is ready to have children whenever she is.
'Ice is like, "Whenever you’re ready baby I’m there for you." If I decide tonight, he’s there,' she told Urblife.
'It’s definitely not him, it’s me, and the fact that’s so many kids in my family and so many kid issues and drama.
'It’s almost like I have been a part of that. I don’t really want to add that to my family right now. ...I’m a workaholic and when I have a baby, I don’t want to be such a workaholic. I’m getting there.'

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