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Adrianne Curry once again ignites every geek's fire in a barely there Mortal Kombat costume

 She is a video gamer's dream come true.
As a former America's Next Top Model winner Adrianne Curry could be walking the catwalks of Paris.
Instead, the 30-year-old much prefers to spend hours turning herself into imaginary characters and hitting the streets of San Diego, California.

 Known for her racy costumes - some have even raised eyebrows so much the model has been banned from venues - Adrianne has become a fixture at Comic-Con.
And, this year was no different, with the brunette beauty causing a stir as she and her friend bought the classic video game Mortal Kombat to life on Sunday.

 While many comic book fans were still waking up the model and her friend had spent hours transforming themselves into the uber sexy, but deadly, characters.
As always Adrianne turned fantasy into reality but left little to the imagination in doing so.

 The 30-year-old stopped traffic in her version of evil Mileena.
Slipping into the specially made costume, Adrianne showed off an abundance of cleavage in the magenta metallic ensemble that featured a racy cut-out bodysuit and matching thigh-high boots.
Staying true to the character, the model wore a version of a veil over her face as, in the game, Mileena is disfigured and has to keep her mouth covered.

 Adrianne even went as far as having a deformed mouth created but had warned fans last week that she would only be able to wear it for photo shoots as she is allergic to the special latex it is made out of.
Fans did not seem too disappointed with a crowd forming to take a picture of the model as she replicated the villain's fight moves.
The reality contestant also made sure to pose showing off the back of the outfit, as a barely there bikini bottom ensure the star showed off plenty of her ample rear end.

Of course she also showed off the front as well as the costume's key hole cut out highlighted her surgically enhance chest.
Adrianne's friend also showed of plenty of skin in her green and gold costume portraying fellow Mortal Kombat fighter Jade.
This was not Adrianne's only sexy outfit for the annual event.

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