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Festival of Lemons in France

n the 1920s, Menton was the largest supplier of lemons in Europe. In 1934, the owner of a local hotel arranged an exhibition of these fruits in your garden.

Last Saturday in the French town of Menton started the 80th annual "Festival of lemon." Around 300 artists folded shapes and mosaics, using more than 180 tons of citrus. The current theme creations - Jules Verne's novel "Around the World in 80 Days." The event will run until March 6.

The event quickly became one of the most popular festivals in the south of France, which is visited by over 200 thousand tourists. At this time there are also street carnivals, fire performances and concerts.
The following year, also used oranges, laying one with different shapes.

Of rebar and wire contrived basis for 10 pieces of lemon orchards and 10 moving tracks on the wheels.

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