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Chipmunk tries to get as many peanuts in his mouth as possible

This cheeky chipmunk set himself a challenge of trying to stuff as many peanuts as possible into his mouth.
The fluffy rodent’s keen nose picked up the scent of a handful of peanuts being eaten by photographer Richard Bishop.
And Mr Bishop, 33, from Toronto, Canada, couldn’t resist sharing his snack with his newfound friend

Mr Bishop, who was visiting friends in Ontario, said: 'I was visiting the countryside to escape the city for a summer weekend.
'As I stood in the sun outside my friend’s cottage eating some peanuts from the shell, the chipmunk came out of the forest.
'He must have smelled or heard me eating peanuts on the deck outside and came back time and time again to take peanuts from me.
The greedy chipmunk would then scurry away and stash his feast in his hideout in the forest before returning for more. 
'He never tried to break the nuts in front of me but instead to stuff as many as possible in its mouth before going back to put them in storage,' said Mr Bishop.
'He got very close, climbing up my leg, onto my hand and the table -basically anywhere necessary to grab more peanuts from me.
'I thought it was hilarious so after a while grabbed my camera when he came back for a few more peanuts.'

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