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Amazing Sculptures Form Bicycle Chains

One of the main trends of contemporary art – the use as raw material and equipment items that were not originally designed to work. Israeli master Nirit Levan Packer specializes in more than a strange material – old bicycle chains and gears, creating one incredible sculptures of dogs of different breeds.
Atypical and history of the designer – for many years worked Nirit fashion-designer wedding dresses, but at some point felt the internal “burnout”, a deep creative crisis and completely withdrew from working with
customers preferring silk, satin, lace and feathers rusty gears and oiled links bicycle chains. Now she keeps in touch with all the auto and bike shop in surrounding areas by collecting parts from old bikes and making them funny, but quite recognizable images of popular dog breeds of Yorkshire terriers and poodles to Dobermans, not disdaining and shaggy mutt .

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