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Hottest Female Athletes at Olympics 2012

 1. Alex Morgan
Keep an eye out for this American beauty at the 2012 Olympic Soccer Championship. There is no way that you can give her talent a miss, even if her gorgeousness goes unnoticed
 9. Amanda Beard
With looks befitting a Victoria’s Secret model, this American swimmer is a 7-time Olympic Champion. She works hard at keeping fit, and plays even harder. Her mantra for motivation is optimism all the way! Now, isn’t that sexy?

 12. Alicia Sacramone
This American gymnast not only wows crowds with her drop-dead gorgeous looks, but also manages to score perfect 10’s at the vault every time. Her perfect skills and divine beauty makes her one of the fiercest athletes to watch out for, this year.
 5. Allyson Felix
The African American sprinter makes it to the fourth position in this list, mostly because of the sheer perseverance behind her adorable appearance. She trains hard, works hard and plays her matches even harder. She believes that there are no shortcuts to success and hard work is the only way to sail through life
 4. Heather Mitts
One look at Heather Mitts and you can feel the temperatures soaring. This sexy American Soccer player plays her sport with utmost dedication. Besides, who can resist that naughty smile and twinkling eyes?
 11. Hope Solo
With the perfect combination of looks and talent, Hope Solo stops men, dead in their tracks. This American soccer goalkeeper holds the record of blocking goals for 12 consecutive championships without breaking a sweat.
 10. Jessica Hardy
As beautiful as a freshly bloomed lily, Jessica Hardy is all set to make her triumphant debut at this year’s Olympics. But one shouldn’t judge her by her delicate appearance; this swimmer can literally rip her competition in shreds and still be raring for more.
 3. Kim Glass
It is easy to fawn over Kim Glass. Her long legs, lean body and her sexy physique leave so much to desire; but what makes this American volleyball player so special is her no-nonsense attitude towards her sport. Besides, she makes sweating it out look oh-so sexy!
 2. Lolo Jones
Owing to her previous injuries, Lolo Jones is the underdog of the Olympics this year. But does that stop this gorgeous track sprinter? Absolutely not! Her conquest over physical hurdles is extremely inspiring
 6. Nastia Liukin
This 22-year-old American gymnast redefines sexiness with her gorgeous looks and fierce techniques. She believes in the old-school technique of working hard to stay fit. And boy, she does amaze us all with her flexible physique and her bevy of gold medals!
 7. Susan Francia
Who says that Olympic rowing champions cannot be sexy? One look at this American rower and all hearts would instantly stop beating. If not, then her fierce rowing skills are sure to cause some stir. Her powerful rowing techniques led the women’s rowing team to win some gold medals in the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.

8. Kim Vandenberg
Ms. Vandenberg is a femme fatale in the guise of a girl-next-door. With her extreme talent for swimming in place, she manages to turn heads wherever she goes. She shakes up her workout regime by dabbling in all forms of physical training, but mostly loves surfing the pristine seas.

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