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The most hyped scandal in Bangladesh till date is the Prova scandal

The most hyped scandal in Bangladesh till date is the Prova scandal. People are talking to each other, the sex scene between Rajib and Prova. In one of the scene’s of the scandal a person is heard saying that the video will be able to fetch more than 1 lakh taka if they sell it. It has been stipulated that everything went on smoothly and video was made intentionally. It is the main question for the government and the media industry to stop such styles of businesses. There are a lot of followers of these types of actresses. But these fans get disgraced after they go through such scandals. One of the fans of Prova, Rownak told that his faith in the actress has gone bad after the scandal. He also told that Prova is liked by their fan as a very good actress and he cannot overlook the matter. There is place of Prova in her fans minds and some of them are hardly able to believe that the girl in scandal video is Prova. One Kawsar also told to me that he has been moved by the scandal so much that he will never watch any of her future works. He also told that after watching the actress nude, his interest in her has diminished.
It is now clear that there is a huge gap between earning money and earning faith. It has become essential for actors to act in such a way that people’s faith on them doesn’t go bad.

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