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Cocoa Skin Care – A Delicious Treat For Skin!

Cocoa Skin Care – A Delicious Treat For Skin!
Good news for all “choco” fans as chocolate can not only be eaten but can also be applied on skin. Many journals conducted in various universities state that cocoa is actually good for health so why think for external application?
Apart from the dental problems and calories, the black chocolate is simply good for heart and skin cells. Take a look at how cocoa can be beneficiary for skin.
Cocoa For Skin Care – Natural Skin Care tips
1. The antioxidants in chocolate prevent aging and also fight various skin problems caused due to aging.
2. The rich flavonoids protect and maintain collagen levels in skin. It also helps in reducing damage caused by UV rays.
3. Many skin care products made from cocoa can improve skin texture, hydrates, increases skin density and thickness.
4. Also eating chocolate can not only bring glow to skin externally but also internally.
5. Many spas and salons across the world believe that chocolate can be a good scrub for face, arms (manicure), pedicure (legs) and body.
6. The famous Cocoa butter is the best natural moisturizer. The butter not only relaxes mind but also renews and rejuvenates skin.
7. The cocoa aroma is a tasty treatment as its chemicals make mind, body and soul feel good.
8. The famous chocolate honey face scrub is the best homemade skin treatment anyone can get.
These are just a few benefits of cocoa, if used for skin care. The treatment and remedy is natural so why spend more on some product and treatment where the effects are not even seen or felt?. Try cocoa the next time you want to look more beautiful than you are!

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