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Fist look at thrilling scenes from MI IV

Leaked Mission Impossible trailer shows Cruise scaling Burj Khalifa and jumping off a speeding car in Satwa

A blurry trailer for the latest Mission Impossible film ,Ghost Protocol was leaked yesterday giving Dubai residents their first look at highly anticipated scenes of the action movie shot in the city last year.
Dubbed in French ,the trailer which seems to have been filmed in a screening room, shows lead actor Tom Cruise scaling the Burj Khalifa a stunt which drew the attention of the world as well as running from a burning building which resembles the DIFC and jumping off a speeding car in Satwa.
Industry sources say the trailer was to be shown for the first time to US audiences at screenings of Transformers;Dark of the Moon, which opens today .The trailer begins with the Kremiln being blown up and Accusations thrown in the direction of Cruise's character Ethan Hunt and his team the Impossible Mission Force (IMF)

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