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Rajdhani Express Painted in Colours of Kerala Tourism

Express painted in colours of kerala

Kerala tourism has painted an entire train with its characteristic colours and themes.
The Rajdhani Express, which connects New Delhi to Thiruvanathapuram carries the logo 'Chalo Kerala'in Hindi and 'Go Kerala' in English. It has been vinyl-Wrapped with the themes of kerala.

The themes of kerala painted on the train range from its pristine beaches and unique backwaters to a bouquet of cultural facets,including Kathakali performances. Kerala can now expect tourists from other states like Delhi,Rajastan, Goa,and Karnataka....

Kerala gets a large chunk of its domestic tourists from the north of india and ststes such as Gujarat and Maharastra. the fact that the train travels through these states will add to the advertising reach of the state's tourism brand

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