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VanMoof Launches Two New Electric Bike Models For 2023

The VanMoof S5 and A5 now come in a sleek Dark Gray colorway. Dutch electric bicycle specialist VanMoof is renowned the world over for its clean styling and functional design. The brand has been in the e-bike game since 2009 and has since rolled out a variety of electric bikes for all sorts of applications. Now, in 2023, the brand shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, the brand has just launched two new models, the S5 and A5, characterized by a sleek dark gray motif.
The VanMoof A5 and S5 bicycles are outfitted with motors that are both powerful and silent. This means that passengers can enjoy a smooth, effortless ride without being bothered by excessive motor noise. Furthermore, these bikes include VanMoof's innovative theft protection technology in addition to their impressive performance. The rider can employ this feature to lock the bike with a simple kick against the chainstay. When the cycle is locked, it is secure and can't be ridden. When the owner approaches the bike with their smartphone, the bike will immediately unlock, and be ready to hit the road again.
The LED Halo Ring handlebar interface, which gives riders critical information about their trip, is yet another notable feature of the VanMoof A5 and S5 bicycles. This interface shows information such as speed, battery status, and other pertinent riding data. Riders are also able to utilize the VanMoof smartphone app to connect their phone to the bike's computer and access navigation capabilities while on the go. Moving on to the technical side of the bikes, both models share a battery with a capacity of 463 Watt-hours. As for the motor, the bikes sport a hub-mounted motor with a maximum output of 68 Newton meters. Furthermore, the two models can be outfitted with front and rear racks, as well as a Thule child seat, all of which are available as optional extras. When it comes to pricing and availability, the VanMoof S5 equipped with a standard diamond frame fetches 2,998 Euros ($3,263 USD) via the VanMoof online store. Likewise, the VanMoof A5 with a lower trapezoidal frame will set you back the same price of 2,998 Euros, or about $3,263 USD.

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