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LOW BUDGET HOUSE PLANകവുങ്ങ് കൊണ്ടൊരു ഇരുനില വീട്

When George, a native of Karappuzha, Wayanad, told me that he was going to build a house with Kavung Tree(Areca Tree)many people tried to dissuade him. But George did not back down. Now, 5 years later, the house is undamaged and many visitors come to see it. The house is built in a beautiful landscape.

The timber required for the house was taken by cutting 97 Kavung Tree(Areca Tree) near the house. 
squash is immersed in the boric acid mixture for 48 hours.

The design is such that the roof comes like a crown. Here you can see the roof turning into a wall. Very little wire was needed to secure the walls and ceiling. All the walls have been lightly plastered with cement. George's house is designed so that the wind and the light can go up and down.

The house has two stories without roofing. Isn't this how it is? It was built as a thick Wooden mezzanine Floor as you can see in old houses. Wooden flooring was done in it. The ladder is the focus of the interior. It is safe to say that supply was low and demand was high.

All the furniture in the house is made of bamboo and Kavung Tree(Areca Tree). The insignificant doors and windows were made of the wood of the Irul and Konna trees. The bed and lamp shades in the master bedroom are made of bamboo. Thus a good amount of money could be saved in the case of timber.
The total house area is 2638 square feet. It should be noted that such a large house cost only Rs 18.Lakh

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