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Dolphins Swimming in Bioluminescence|തീരം കവർന്നത് നീലത്തിരമാലകൾ; ഒരു പതിറ്റാണ്ടിനുള്ളിലെ ഏറ്റവും ദൈർഘ്യമേറിയ പ്രതിഭാസം

Bioluminescence waves illuminate the Southern California Sea. In fact, these are some kind of microbial life. The phenomenon behind this phenomenon is a species of marine flora called Dinoflagellates. The algae have made their presence in the California Ocean since March. They are reddish-brown cells that cluster to the surface of the ocean to absorb the sun's rays and illuminate the neon glow at night. With the number of these cells growing to 20 million cells per liter of seawater, the night vision is spectacular. This phenomenon occurs in many parts of the world. In the tropics and extreme temperatures, Alaska.the presence of these algae can occur for more than a week. But the current phenomenon in California is the longest in a decade.

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