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Dug up to 200 km? Surprising hop diamond, the price of Rs 171 crore.

 Some of the most famous ornaments in the world are blue diamond’s known as the Hop Diamond. The researchers disclosed the history of such a blue jewel, which went through the hands of kings, superiors and thugs and went to the Washington Museum. This study reveals how rare these rare variables can be changed from birth diversity.
 The researchers have studied blue gemstones in their conclusions. Including a blueprint worth $ 25 million from South Africa in 2016 (more than Rs 171 crore). 
This is the first official study on blue gemstones. Of the mining gems, only 0.02 percent are available in blue diamonds. It’s possible to get them only when they are close to the inner circle called the underground mantle.
It should be at least 660 km deep. This rarely makes it the finest jewelry in the world's most precious jewelry. Diamonds are crystalline form of pure carbon. They are caused by high temperatures and high pressure within the Earth. Hop Diamond's rare color is the presence of Boron. 
Boron is found in areas where once was part of the ocean. Often this blue gem is produced by the layers of the tides 99 percent of the gems emit from the depths of 150 to 200 km of the earth. Researchers estimate that they are hip diamonds, buried in deep depths by humans.

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