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Our World: Madagascar's Sapphire Rush

Ilakaka is a small town in Ihorombe Region in the south western part of Madagascar. In the early 1990s there were only about 40 residents in the area. After the discovery of one of Earth's largest known alluvial sapphire deposits in the valley in 1998, the population had boomed to nearly 60,000 in 2005. Since high profits are at stake, violence is common in the town

The world Diamond merchants are coming to Ilakaka. First Thailand merchants after Srilankan merchants also came, the Diamond business are higher with the discovery of collection of Blue Sapphire on the riverbeds, looking back the people are living very poor in the country suddenly increase lakhs of lakhs diamond business in the country. The famers and other workers from area sought their jobs and searched for diamonds.

 Again, continued diamond mining in Ilakaka .2015 again found not only Blue sapphire, Emerald and Ruby also getting .in 2016 there were more than half a lakh illegal diamond searcher are coming in the country. Presently diamonds are more better than the previous ones. Diamond traders say that the quality of the last six months stones has been better than in the last 20 years.

 The Madagascar Island biodiversity is in the Indian Ocean, separated from Africa over a quarter of a million years ago. In this country without a definite lawless legitimacy, the inflow of new wealth and the intermediary of the people is taken by other people. Merchants are trapped across the country for tremors in the name of diamond mines. Even the rain forests are under threat from mines.

 The truth is that there is no significant change in the life of old villagers living there, where leek is the place to get the best Indian taluks in the world Only here is the land that has been plowed up. The mining is done by digging up trees to find the diamond. People in the big mines are at risk. Kill and kill for the gem. The villagers know that once they come here, they will go back like those who come here. But they are being disillusioned with the fact that nothing else will be left out of there, except the useless empty land for gemstones.


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