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Blackberry Leap launched at Rs 21490 with 2 GB RAM

Recently, in an event Blackberry India has launched their latest Blackberry smart phone. It is Blackberry Leap which comes with many advanced as well as impressive features inside it. As per the spokesperson told, the Blackberry Leap has been designed with young professionals in mind, especially for young generation. There is amazing battery backup provided by this model of Blackberry. Also it has lots of connectivity features. Moreover, we are getting some of advanced security features for the Blackberry Leap so that we can make any changes soon. The Blackberry Leap was just launched by yesterday.

Blackberry Leap Features:
We are getting a huge sized display in this Blackberry smart phone. It is 5 inch sized display. Most Blackberry smart phones come with small sized display. But now as per latest market trends and customer’s requirements, we are getting a large sized display here. There is the most recent version of Blackberry operating system inside the Blackberry Leap. It is Blackberry 10 operating system, which is their own OS. We can get several exclusive features in this Blackberry model regarding operating system.
The Blackberry Leap comes with access to two types of stores. The one is Blackberry World and the second is Amazon App Store. We can get various applications and smart features from both of these stores. The Blackberry Leap is powered by a faster processor. It is a 1.5 GHz Qualcomm MSM processor. Along with that, there is 2 GB of RAM. This processor can perform very well with such huge RAM and powerful processor.
Lots of connectivity features are provided by Blackberry. We can access faster internet and better wireless data transfer. Also there are lots of pre-loaded applications inside this smart phone. Blackberry provides 25 hours of battery life for the Blackberry Leap. As we all know, Blackberry smart phones are famous and more popular because of their many-days long battery life.
Also the Blackberry Leap comes with support for encryption. Along with that, there is malware protection, back-up, Wipe and Restore features. Moreover, we are getting BlackBerry Blend feature in it. With it, we can get our smart phone messages into our PC or tablet, easily.
Blackberry Leap Price:
The Blackberry Leap price is about 21,490/- rupees.

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