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Ditch the bike and 'glide' to work: £499 AirBoard is controlled by body movements and travels up to 12mph

The AirBoard costs £499 ($755) and travels at 12mph (19km/h)
Its battery has a range of between seven and nine miles (11km and 14km)
AirBoard weighs 20lbs (9.8kg), takes an hour to charge and is waterproof
The 'vehicle' is made by the same people who manufacture the AirWheel
It looks like a cross between a Segway and a skateboard, and its makers hope it will ‘revolutionise’ how people travel to work.
Called AirBoard, the £499 ($755) ‘vehicle’ is a self-balancing electric board that remains stationary until a user steps on it.
Riders then power the device by leaning forward, and the AirBoard reaches speeds of up to 12mph (19km/h).
It was created by the designers behind the AirWheel - a larger, self-balancing device that costs £509.99 ($849) - but reaches similar speeds and distances as its smaller successor.

 The AirBoard, and entry-level AirWheels, travel up to nine miles (14km) on a single charge, and it takes about an hour to charge this battery back up again.
Maximum Speed: 10-12mph (16-19km/h)
Range: 7-9 miles (11-14km) but may vary with rider’s weight, terrain and temperature.
Battery: Samsung 132Wh Lithium
Charge Time: 1 hour
Weight: 20lbs (9.8kg)
Waterproof: Yes
Price: £499 ($755)
Although this range may vary based on rider’s weight, terrain and temperature.
The AirBoard uses similar technology to that seen on certain eco-friendly cars, and when travelling downhill or slowing, the battery charges itself.
AirWheel claims the device could revolutionise the personal transport market because it's so simple to operate.
Scott Fidgett, Director at AirWheel, said: ‘I am incredibly excited about the Airboard.
‘The device is incredibly easy to use and requires no skill - anyone can jump on instantly and benefit from this unique and portable transportation device.
‘The self-balancing gyro is active the moment the user steps on.
‘To move forward, simply lean forward, to slow down, stop or go backwards, lean back, and turning is just a case of leaning left and right.’

 The gyroscope means the spinning wheels are axle-free, so they can move in any direction while also keeping the device constantly balanced.
And as soon as user steps down from the waterproof board, it stops moving.
AirBoards are available to buy online, or from Harrods.
The AirBoard looks almost identical to IO Hawk’s board unveiled at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.
By comparison, the IO Hawk costs $1,799 (£1,185) and has a maximum speed limit of 6.2mph (10km/h).
The IO Hawk board is slightly heavier too, weighing 22lbs (10kg).

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