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Ajay Rochester strips down to her smalls in revealing body-love video in an effort to crowdsource more money to fund new pin-up calendar

 When it comes to discussing the weighty issues Ajay Rochester is no shy, retiring wallflower.
So it's perhaps no surprise that the former Biggest Loser Australia host is using herself as the promotional teaser for a video touting her sexy new pin-up calender.
Crowd sourcing donations for 'Ajay Rochester's 2015 Sexy Curvy Girl Pin Up Calendar!' the 45-year-old is the star of a two minute promotional reel, which she posted on her social media and the funding website

 Set to a soundtrack of White African Queen, written and sung by the talented Australian TV personality, the melange features a selection of images and positive affirmations all relating to body image.
Directed by Ajay, the collage-style promo video moves between magazine covers of 'best and worst bikini bodies', to shots of the L.A-based star stripped down to racy lingerie, both of which Ajay's bends to her purpose - trying to empower women to love their shape.

 In one shot Ajay appears topless covering her modesty with her arms with the words 'every body is beautiful' scrawled across her arms in lipstick.
In another image a vintage poster featuring the positive assertion, 'you wouldn't want a steak that as nothing but bone, why would you want a woman that was?' pans across the screen.
Quotes by Miss Piggy, Lucille Bell and Marilyn Monroe add weight to Ajay's own commentary which is written across the images in a differing font, words such as 'this calendar will be for women of all shapes and sizes.'
The weight loss guru is aiming to raise $500 by Thursday 6 November to fund the project, which encourages women to be 'their own kind of beautiful'.

 The outspoken TV star says she was prompted to make the calendar after her recent lingerie shoot, courtesy of Iconic Pinups of LA, wasn't picked up by any magazines, which she believes is due to her shape.
She said: 'I wanted to run it in the usual magazines that feature me all the time, as an inspiring story for others to transform their life - to feel empowered and sexy and appreciated.'
With no interest in the images the presenter decided to use the shoot for her own purpose and produced the pin-up calendar, which sees her in differing states of undress, including posing nude beneath an American flag.

The quirky Australian has been open about her battle with the bulge over the years, blogging her journey on her website Finding My Mojo.
She recently shared a shot of her post liposuction posing next to a surgeon holding her sucked out fat in a large container for her fans and supporters to see.
The surgery, which happened post her lingerie shoot, involved having $50,000 worth of liposuction and skin removal from her arms and neck.
'I really wanted a permanent beautiful reminder of my body before the lipo so it seemed like the perfect way to celebrate all my God-given curves before I got a little "human help" with them for the camera,' she explained.

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