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8 Hottest Bikes Made by Car Manufacturers

It’s hard to admit that even though men love the sound and look of a V8, some of us have become a bit more environment conscious in the last few years and maybe, just maybe, we even looked into how much a Tesla car would cost. Luckily, for the most pretentious among you, we’ve found some good looking solutions in-between the greased up creations of traditional car manufacturers – really expensive bicycles. They run beautifully, sure, but in all honesty, these pieces are nothing more than trophies for rich collectors who need to fill that empty space in the garage next to their Ferraris. That doesn’t mean we can’t admire them, so take a look at these sexy wheels! 

Alfa Romeo 4C IFD

Even if this one bears the name of the latest Alfa Romeo sports car, it’s actually a bike with a carbon fiber frame that weighs only 15.2 lbs. IFD stands for Innovative Frame Design. Although no electric motor is included in its design, the price is similar to that of a decent car, varying between $4700 and $12000. The bold color contrasts give an edgy and dynamic appearance, which doubled by the Alfa Romeo badge, really makes us think of the Italian manufacturer. 

Aston Martin One-77 Cycle

Aston Martin has only produced 77 copies of the wonderful One-77, each one with an astronomic price to most of us. Just like its combustion engine sisters, this two-wheeler is sexy as hell. The design is discreet, but masculine and bold looking and the subtle nuances give it a fluid appearance. Even though it’s just a bike, at the end of the day it is an Aston Martin and you have to prove that you’ve earned it – only $41,000 for this baby.

 Audi e-bike

It has a frame made of carbon fiber that weighs only 3.5 lb, 26-inch wheels and an electric motor that runs at 2.3 kW, receiving power from a lithium-ion battery. Charging takes about 2.5 hours and it can be done at a regular outlet, giving you a max speed of 31 mph in “eGrip” mode, turning your bike into an electric scooter. So far we don’t know whether or not it will enter into production series.

BMW Cruise e-bike

The latest generation of BMW electric bicycles is equipped with a Bosch battery of 250 W supporting the pedaling motion and raising the speed limit up to 15 mph. This doesn’t transform your bike into a scooter, it simply makes your job easier. While all this sounds good, the price, we think, is a little steep: $4100.

 Porsche RS/RX

27.5 inch wheels, carbon fiber frame, DT Swiss front suspension and hydraulic disc brakes. The Rx is ideal for off-road trips, but it’s also a docile bike, which makes it great for taking out for a nice afternoon ride in the park. The price is somewhere around $6700.

 Range Rover Evoque Road Bike

This one is a bit more conservative, with a simpler look, but well-made for the competitive among you, nonetheless. Technical features worth mentioning are Shimano Ultegra transmission with 20 gears, carbon fiber wheels, modular carbon fiber “monocoque” frame and a lot of Range Rover Evoque badges.

 McLaren Tarmac

A very exclusive bike, which will be produced in only 250 units , each with a price of about $27,000. We’re not sure about $27,000, but given brand and the materials that have been put into this bike (aluminum, carbon fiber, steel, titanium and magnesium), we would pay a considerable amount of money for it. McLaren really rose to the occasion with this beautiful piece – not too over the top, but not too “quiet” either.

 Smart ebike

It’s an electric bicycle, as the name suggests, which offers a theoretical maximum range of 62 miles. But, like the BMW Cruise e-bikes, the electric motor works only when you pedal. We know it has a futuristic look, but you still have to work to get to your destination. Price:  $4000.


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