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8 Unique Clock Towers

 Big Ben, London

Big Ben is the nickname of the bell of the clock at the north end of the Palace of Westminster in London. The building was commonly known as the Clock or the Tower Clock. In 2012 it was officially called the Elizabeth Tower, to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of Elizabeth II.

 Clock Tower, Daytona Beach, Florida

The clock tower is along the boardwalk by the Raddison Hotel, which is in the background. This clock tower have been many times reconstructed because of the corrosions and exposure.
 Ferry Building Clock Tower, San Francisco, California

The ferry building in San Francisco is a terminal for the ferries that pass through San Francisco bay. It is also a marketplace and also has offices. On the top of the building on 245 feet there is the clock tower that can be seen from Market Street, the main thoroughfare of the city.
 Flatiron Building, NYC

Flatiron building was first originally called Fuller Building. Its location in in Manhattan in New York City. It was completed in 1902 and at that time it was the tallest building in the city, and the 2nd skyscraper.
 Ginza, Tokyo, Japan

Ginza is a district in Tokyo, Japan. In translation it means ‘Silver Mint’. This place is considered to be the highest fashion centre with many shops and restaurants. On the main intersection there is a clock which always let you know what the time it is.
 Mudgee Clock Tower, Australia

Mudgee is a town about 4 hours west of Sydney. A picturesque country town, Mudgee is a great escape with many great restaurants, vineyards, cheese places, etc.
 Paramount Building, Times Square, NYC

This building was designed by the famed architects Rapp & Rapp in 1926. After many years of decaying, the clock and the globe were restored in 1997.
Surin Circle Clock Tower, Phuket City

Phuket city is a city with some chaotic streets. One of the most significant features of this city is the public clock, the Surin Circle Clock. This is the name of the clock because it is located in the major intersection ‘Surin Circle’.

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