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UFO or secret fighter jet? The mysterious triangular craft pictured flying over Texas

The mystery aircraft seen over Amarillo on March 10. Three of the craft were spotted flying by.

Aviation experts believe plane could be a secret military prototype
Say it could be a high precision stealth bomber
Believed to be a manned craft
It has baffled aviation experts and UFO spotters alike.
This mysterious triangle shaped craft has been spotted flying high in the sky over Texas.
Yet nobody has been able to identify the mystery craft - or even rule out the possibility it is a UFO.

The triangle over Texas: The mysterious object has baffled aviation experts

Expert believe they could be classified military craft.
'Classified programs have been exposed in all sorts of ways - for example, the A-12 Blackbird was disclosed under a degree of pressure,' Bill Sweetman of Aviation Week said.
'It's not merely logical to expect that numerous classified aircraft programs exist: it's almost a necessity.'
The team analysed the pictures and believe they are real.

'Three of us here - myself, Graham Warwick and Guy Norris - concur that the photos show something real.
'The photos tell us more about what the mysterious stranger isn't than what it is.
'The size is very hard to determine, for example, although the image size at contrailing height suggests that it is bigger than an X-47B.'
'However, the basic shape - while it resembles Boeing's Blended Wing Body studies or the Swift Killer Bee/Northrop Grumman Bat unmanned air system - is different from anything known to have flown at full size,'
The aircraft seen here was accompanied by two others. 
One of the photographers, Steve Douglass, also believed he picked up voice traffic from the craft,.  meajing it was manned.
The Aviation week experts believe the craft could be designed for high-precision stealth attack.

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