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Sophie Monk slips into a sheer corset and tinsel tutu for Mardi Gras

 Sydney's 36th annual gay and lesbian Mardi Gras saw some very colourful costumes come out last night and Sophie Monk was wearing one of them.
The Australian model and radio personality dusted off her corset for the big night, which she teamed up with a tutu made from tinsel and a pearl necklace worn over her head.
The 34-year-old shared her favourite accessory on Twitter and wrote: 'Who would think? My first pearl necklace was @SydneyMardiGras.'

 The blonde star braced Sydney's wet weather on Saturday night to joins fellow Australian beauties such as Delta Goodrem at the event.
Goodrem, 29 was the float-riding ambassador for toothpaste brand (and one of the parade's sponsors) Oral-B.
There's no doubting the fact that she's an excellent choice for the brand - her smile is one of her most dazzling features. 
The Australian beauties joined 11,000 marchers and hundreds of thousands of spectators.

It's not the first time that Delta has been part of the parade and the performance, having performed at the parade's after party last year.
She is a well-known supporter of equality and gay marriage - not yet recognised under Australian federal law.
Goodrem is single, and hetrosexual, and has said that she loves performing and attending the Mardi Gras, because many of her friends are gay and she wants to show her support.

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