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Nature at its most electrifying: Spectacular shots of lightning strikes captured across America

These spectacular photos capture nature at its most electrifying - as lighting bolts strike deserted hillsides, towering skyscrapers and famous landmarks across America.
The lightning, photographed by Scott Stulberg, was captured hitting different parts of the country - from the Grand Canyon to downtown Los Angeles.
It can be seen emerging from dark, stormy clouds, before striking the ground below in a streak of blinding light.

Mr Stulberg, 57, described the photo shoots as 'thrilling' - saying: 'No matter where I am, I always feel like a little kid again when I see lightning.'
He added: 'It never gets old for me. It is so absolutely exciting and thrilling because you get to see nature at its more powerful.'
'You kind of have to predict where you think lightning might strike. I am always looking at the weather reports and hoping and praying for some great lightning wherever I am.'
The photographer said his passion for lightning had inspired him to move to the state of Arizona, which has more than 600,000 lightning strikes a year - with four people killed by bolts last year alone.
'One of the best reasons for living where I do is that I have amazing lightning for months at a time during the summer,' he said. 'My friends and I are always on lightning watch.'

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