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The Biggest Command Ship In The World

The “Ural” was a command ship operated by the Soviet Navy. She was intended to be a communications vessel. The electronics and combat missions of this ship used to be closely guarded secrets.

 She could gather information about any sub-cosmic object in any part of the globe. The vessel was commissioned in 1983. She was supplied with electronic equipment to detect targets in the air and underwater.
 Her radars allowed her to track missiles. A large group of specialists were assigned to eliminate any possible problems that could arise while at sea.
 Here are some characteristics of the ship: length – 265 m, draught – 7.8 m, displacement, full load – 34,640 tons, speed – 22 knots, unlimited range.
 She only carried light weapons. They assigned her to the Pacific Fleet but no pier was able to accept the giant and she had to stay in the bay. In summer 1990 there was a fire in the ship and a large part of the vessel was damaged.
 The vessel later turned into a floating barracks for officers and her equipment began to decay slowly. According to the information available, the vessel still carried military weapons and successfully managed to control the northern part of the Pacific ocean.

In 2008 it was decided to scrap the ship. The Naval architect of the “Ural” was awarded a medal and the title of Hero of Socialist Labor for the project. The vessel was the only three-masted military ship in the world, excluding training ships.

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