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Diane Kruger reveals her dreams of raising a family with Joshua Jackson in new fashion shoot

 Diane Kruger may not believe in marriage, but she still likes some of the frills that come with it.
The blonde beauty opens up about her love of commitment and her desire to start a family with her partner of seven years Joshua Jackson in the October issue of C magazine.  
Diane also displays her flair for fashion as she's pictured in a series of breathtaking ensembles, including a strapless monochrome number and an elegant, backless black gown.

 To the interview the 37-year-old wears a thin diamond ring on the fourth finger of her left hand, but she stresses that it's not an engagement ring.
'What's important is the commitment. It's not the size of the ring you wear on your finger,' Diane tells the magazine.
'You know, I don't place particular importance on that, but I would love a nice gift!'

 And while she abhors the thought of marriage, Diane is perfectly complacent with the notion of having babies and raising a family in Paris without the legal ties.
The German-born actress has owned an apartment in Paris for the past eight years.
'It's part of the deal. I come with Paris, there's no negotiating that,' Diane says of the city she moved to at age 16 to model.

 She can picture herself - and Joshua presumably - hitting up the Parisian boutiques with a brood of little ones.
'Yeah, I know it. I see myself raising kids there. I would love that, having little French babies in Bonpoint.'
She fully intends to return to Paris when she completes the first season of The Bridge at the end of next summer.
'We'll see. It happens when it happens,' Diane says.

 In The Bridge, Diane plays a homicide detective searching for clues along the Texas-Mexican border while dealing with Asperger's Syndrome.
Television suits her well, indicating that the swift schedule allows her to get the job done fast.
'The pace of it is so much faster. Coming from movies sometimes, I'm just like "No, you have to get this right, you need to spend time, I don't care how long we're here tonight."'
And she can get home quicker to her honey Joshua, with whom she's currently sharing a home in Los Angeles.

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