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How does a tummy of a pregnant woman with 5 twins looks like?

 An interesting pregnancy case is that of a citizen of the Czech Republic, Alexandra Kin, doctors told her after the examination that she had a tummy with 2 twins. After a while, her stomach began to grow too fast for only 2 twins, so she was examined again and she was told that her will have 4 babies. At the next examination, doctors discovered another one lost kid.
 Belly of a young mother is ready to burst. 1 in several million to become pregnant with 5 kids without the help of in vitro fertilization. She already has one child and another 5 now arrived!

This is the first in the Czech Republic, where she will give birth to twins at once 5. A young mother will give birth by Caesarean section and is going to feed all five from the breast. During labor, will be present at 2 times the number of doctors and midwives. So far, the doctors can not say for sure if all babies are born healthy, but they expect only the best.

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