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THE LOOK: Sonakshi Sinha’s beauty regime

Sonakshi Sinha is what we call a perfect Bollywood diva! When it comes to style, she has her own signature look and comfort zone, which she rarely crosses, even in the films that she stars in. In an interview with ‘SAVVY’, she shares her look-good secrets.
My beauty mantras: Drinking lots of water, moisturizing and using the right products to make my skin look healthy and glowing. However, as my profession involves using a lot of makeup, I prefer not to tamper with my skin too much when I’m not shooting.
I follow a proper beauty regime because: Being beautiful is an integral part of my profession, and I have
to make the time to spruce up. Not that I spend hours
on myself, but it’s the little things that matter – cleansing my face and removing my makeup before sleeping, using the right moisturizer and applying sun block before stepping out.
My favourite makeup brands are: Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier and Chanel.
I love experimenting with makeup: As it’s always good
to try out new things. But be wise and retain the ones that work for you.
My favourite hair colour brand is: ‘Streax’ because it gives my hair a gorgeous colour and it has a special ingredient – walnut oil – which nourishes my hair and doesn’t leave it looking dull and dry after colouring.
My favourite scent: Issey Miyake.
I believe in leading a balanced lifestyle: Which comprises following a wholesome diet and the right workout schedule. Right now, my diet consists of eating small meals every two hours to keep my metabolism going throughout the day.
My workout routine involves: Power yoga with a bit
of functional training whenever I get the time from
my shoots. While travelling, I carry my skipping rope along for some cardio and try and fit in some freehand exercises too.
My perfect look for a party: Smoky eyes. I use eyeliner and lots of kohl. I like to accentuate my eyes because
I believe they are my best feature.

Source :‘SAVVY’

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