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Most luxurious USB Flash Drives of all time

 While there’s a USB flash drive for just about every obsession or niche out there, but we, at BornRich, are more concerned about the luxurious ones. Spending a few extra bucks on any mundane stuff in these tough times might not be a good idea for many of us, but for those who can still afford luxury, we are here with some of the most expensive USB flash drives of all times

 Dubbed ICE, the glittering USB drive is made of Hallmarked platinum and is hand-set with 456 white diamonds. Beautifully crafted, tactile and expressive, the ICE USB drive is available on request only.

 The Active Crystals Luxury USB Drives are an upshot of collaboration between Philips & Swarovski. The collection includes four different designs: Heart Ware, Heart Beat, Lock In and Lock Out. Heart Ware and Heart Beat are worn as pendants and The Lock In and Lock Out attaches to a key-chain
 This slim mother-of-pearl coated USB Flash drive from Transcend has 2GB of storage and it also includes software to let you use your applications on someone else’s computer without leaving any files behind.
 Made by luxury company Alfred Dunhill, the Bulldog 1GB USB Key is made of stainless steel and features a Bulldog on the front and Dunhill London branding on the reverse
 This 1GB flash drive by world-renowned French jeweler, Pasha De Cartier features stainless steel bezel surrounded by numerical etchings that resemble the dial of a luxurious timepiece
 Ludicrously dubbed ‘Disk on Key‘ USB flash drive has been handcrafted out of 14K real gold. It is also festooned with Diamond 3 points (VS quality – very high quality diamond), which lights when the DOK is functioning. The gold DOK comes loaded with a variety of U3 programs and offers capacities of up to 4GB to store your photos, music and valued data.
This gorgeous pendant drive is available in storage capacities of up to 8GB and features OS support for Windows XP/Vista and Mac 10.x
This Swarovski-encrusted rhinestone USB drive necklace, which can be customized with your choice of colors and patterns. You can even get your choice of alphabets engraved on it. The drives come in 512MB, 1GB and 2GB.
The Bissol memory stick was earlier touted to be the world’s smallest 4GB USB flash drive. The machined brass body is crafted to perfection, giving the stick the same looks as the Swiss watch mechanisms.
 The Gresso Adam & Eve flash drives are made of African Mahogany or African Blackwood and white diamonds. The flash drives come in three shapes, a bitten apple, a cross and a simple rectangle on a caoutchouc strap with a gold clasp to resemble the Adam & Eve story.
 Priced at $999, the Pandora luxury USB drive features a fingerprint scanning detector. It’s made from 200-year old African Blackwood and further decked out with 18K gold. The LED sparkle you see is a ruby.
 This designer Louis Vuitton USB Flash drive features a sexy curved body and is made of white or yellow gold with ostrich or alligator accents. It also features Louis’ signature lock into the design, as it requires a key to release the locked cap.
The designer Côte D’Azur USB Key by S.T. Dupont is made of palladium and lacquer. The surface of the stick is decorated with S. T. Dupont’s iconic Diamond Head pattern. Featuring 2GB of internal memory, the USB memory stick comes in three different colors such as turquoise blue, soft pink and black.
 Festooned with Swarovski crystals, the Transcend’s JetFlash V85C 8GB USB flash drive is simply meant for the affluent. The luxurious chrome casing houses a retractable USB connector that is accented by a solitary rose-cut crystal and shimmering gloss-black panel.
 The Gresso Enigma USB memory is shaped like a decorative star and it can be worn like a necklace, like so many other storage devices we have seen lately. But the most important feature is that it carries 192GB storage capacity. Note: Please check for the latest pricing and availability options from the product sites.
 Covered with pure titanium, the Incrudo USB flash drive sports a ruby and boasts of a sturdy body that can withstand every kind of rough handling. The hardened panels of this 8GB drive provides unquestionable protection, as it is the same material that is used in space shuttles and Formula 1 racing cars
 -From the house of Super Talent, this gold USB drive is water resistant and supports up to 30MB/s transfer speeds. The custom- made Pico-C drive comes with an 18-carat solid gold keychain, a serialized certificate of authenticity and the whole thing is delivered in a black velvet jewelry box. Laser etching is done at no extra cost.
 The Pave Black Diamond USB key is a perfect example of the combination of decadent luxury and quotidian functionality. With 8GB storage capacity and a base of oxidized sterling silver, this stylish USB key has been adorned with 272 black diamonds.
 The Adamant USB stick is studded with 3 diamonds, 0.15 carats each and Lapis Lazuli gemstone deposits. It comes in a yellow gold solid body with silk ribbon carbines closure. The outer covering with which it comes is equally exquisite. The box comes with a wonderful lacquer finish with one studded diamond.
 The White Lake USB stick is made from 14K gold, has five diamonds and was created by Dutch goldsmith Erwin de Vroome. The glitzy memory stick comes with up to 2GB of memory and can be coated in either 14 or 18 carat gold. The diamonds are optional

This USB key from Solid Alliance is made of gold, with the case done in bronze and it also includes some crystals from Statsuma Kiriko, a major Japanese crystal glass- maker. The shiny USB key was made as a tribute to the Japanese craft industry.

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