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Engaged bodybuilders become first couple to BOTH win world championship honours at same event

Don Akim, 43, and Rosanna Beckett, 33
They live in Lowestoft, Suffolk, with daughter Carmen
Have always kept fit, but began bodybuilding only four months ago
Won three trophies at Miami Pro World Champions in St Albans
Couple met eight years ago in Norwich nightclub
Don is a ship worker, Rosanna a dancer
Engaged couples are usually so neck-deep in wedding invitations, seating plans and bridesmaid dresses that they find it difficult to make time for hobbies they already have, let alone new ones.
But then you can tell simply by looking at them that Don Akim, 43, and Rosanna Beckett, 33, from Lowestoft, Suffolk, are no ordinary couple.
Just four months ago, the betrothed pair began bodybuilding together, and they are now celebrating becoming the first ever couple to both win world championship honours at the same event, having picked up three trophies between them at the Miami Pro World Champions held in St Albans - beating more than 200 athletes to the awards.


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