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Climbing High in Dubai -Amazing Views

We are back with the Russian guys who climbed the Great Pyramide in Egypt recently. This time they are in Dubai – no way this city can disappoint anyone especially being observed from the roofs.

These are the First Interchange on Sheikh Zayed Road and Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world.
Dubai impresses much when you look at it from a plane flying low – you see all these huge highways in the middle of the desert, numerous street networks without houses (they will appear as quarters in future). Everything is so big in Dubai!
One does not need to be a sheikh to experience all pleasures of Dubai!

More than half of the population of Dubai are immigrants. People from other rich countries come here to work. When you come down to the subway you see so many different faces there. But it is so crowded that it’s quite a challenge to use it if you are not used to something like this.

Some tourists come with a single aim – to go shopping to Dubai Mall, the biggest shopping centre on the planet and to see Burj Khalifa, of course.

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