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The all-terrain wheelchair the disabled use to go off-road and even hunt in

Up to a point its specifications are nothing out of the ordinary – it has an eight-mile range and a top speed of five miles per hour.
But what makes this wheelchair different is that it has tracks instead of wheels, which means it can go almost anywhere.
The Action Trackchair is made by Action Manufacturing in Marshall, Minnesota, and is specifically designed to go off-road.

It’s happy powering across mud, rocky terrain and even in water.
And being a U.S invention, gun racks and mounts are naturally available, with many buyers delighted that they can go out hunting again.

Staying hidden is not a problem, either, because this mean machine even comes with a camouflage paint job.
The man behind the world’s toughest wheelchair, Tim Swenson, came up with the idea after his son, Jeff, was paralysed in a car accident.

He said: ‘Looking at Jeff and the challenges of being in a wheelchair, and of course me being in the motorsports business, I started putting two and two together. How can we put tracks on a wheelchair? How can we make something go where Jeff would like to go?’
And coming up with the name was straightforward.
‘It’s a chair, it’s got tracks on it. And we always like action,’ said Mr Swenson.
He added: 'The difference in people lives have been remarkable, many are doing things they've never done and some others are getting back outside where they used to go.'
The ability to go off-road doesn’t come cheap, though. An Action Trackchair costs $9000 (£5,700) and is currently sold in the U.S., Canada, Norway and Australia.
Mr Swenson hopes to sell the Trackchair in the UK soon.

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